August 19


Every month, I gather all the London discoveries and questions about expat life or just life through this sort of mood-board. A nice way to look back, keep the positives and learn from the rest.


Last bits of summer

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Expat Life 


Summers in London are THE BEST… When it’s hot and sunny. i.e. Not exactly all the time. So, to make sure I do have some days of proper heat in the summer, I do it the UK way: I go away. Very convenient when you come from a beautiful part of South of France like I do. I got my last bits of summer in August. As always, it was amazing, but it was equally amazing to return to London. Maybe I finally found the France / London balance after all… It was time after 7 years!

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Visit England

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In August I went to Suffolk, for a weekend in Aldeburgh and Southwold and it was just amazing. So nice and refreshing to escape from London and discover new British Gems.

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I am not sure it would translate exactly like this but I haven’t found better way to express for this quote my Mum always uses.

I used to hate it. Why would I need to give up something to choose something else?! We want it all right?

Obviously things don’t always work out that way and since I have fully understood it and integrated it in my life, it’s a bit like everything is a bit easier. It’s quite a peaceful one to accept that all our actions are ultimately choices we make.


Latest places to Eat & Drink

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Eat and Drink in London


I might always be saying this but August was AMAZING foodwise. London is definitely a food temple and once again it was a pleasure to make the most of it. Arcade London, the new Food Theatre place in Tottenham Court Road, Kwant, the incredible cocktail bar in Mayfair or Crate Brewery for the best summer vibe in East London, drinking beers by the canal. Such good places.

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Arcade London

Tottenham Court Road


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Crate Brewery 




City Guide

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Visit the UK

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Ideas for lovely day trips from London.


The Little things in July

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The Little Joys


[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Spend the first Sunday of the month with my yogi sister in some our of East London favourites. Finish my morning commute by walking past London Eye and Big Ben like if it was the most normal thing. Never having enough of that view. The weekend in Suffolk full of inspiring chats. The light becoming softer. All the golden hours. All the good places to eat and drink. All the food. All the drinks. And all of those moments spent with everyone. Fly to France earlier than usual and feel so happy and content to be home on a Friday night. The walk by the lake. End the month on the highest note. Teach my first yoga class ever to a full class. Feel nervous but excited too and let those 2 emotions do their work. Feel like I’m so lucky but I’m not an imposter and there’s a reason this opportunity came up. Know deep down I can totally and will totally do it. Love every single minute of the class. Surprise myself. See I can and will be the teacher I have always wanted to be. The 22 zen and rested faces after Savasana. The pure friendship moments that followed that day. Ending the day on a pink sky note in the rose garden in Regent’s Park. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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