What to do during Summer in London

Summer in London is a very specific time of the year. There is a unique vibrant atmosphere that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Let’s be honest, proper heat doesn’t happen that often so when it’s there, you want to make the most of it!

What to do during summer in London


Contrary to what people think, there are plenty of great summer places in London, including lots of great Lidos. The most famous ones are the ones in Hackney, Brockwell park and Tooting bec, the last two ones beeing my two favourites, simply because they are in south London. They all get super busy as you would imagine, but it’s definitely worth the wait!

Barbecues in the park

In London, we don’t need 30 degrees and proper heat to have a barbecue. It’s summer baby and not matter the weather, you have to make the most of it. People don’t all have a balcony or a garden but the good news is some parks allow it! Make sure you check which ones (this link should explain) before but for sure London Fields in Hackney does allow it, as you can see on the pictures taken there last year. The smell is so irresistible it always makes you want to have one right here right now!

Binge Pimm’s

Does this title even make sense? I’m sure you got the idea anyway. Pimm’s is THE summer drink in London. As the weather starts to change you’ll find some everywhere from the big supermarkets to the small local shops. And pubs of course. Take a jar, share it with friends on a sunny terrace, go for a picnic, enjoy!

Picnics in the parks

With all those green spacious and beautiful parks in London, we only have to make a choice on where to go for a picnic. The night start really early during winter in England but the good news is sun sets super late during summer, which leaves space for late night drinks in the common. It looks like a very easy thing to do during summer in London but we don’t even think about it that much!

London beaches

Not sure you’ll want to dive in the Thames, but you can surely appreciate the pretty London beaches. The most famous one is the one by the southbank with a view on St Paul’s but there are plenty of them everywhere.

SNOG bus

Every season, the southbank has new pop ups opening and the flashy pink double decker SNOG bus is always a great one to make the most of the summer in London. Get a savoury treat in one of the restaurants along the river and end on a sweet note but those yummy yogurt. Perfect summer treat with a view, especially as it is located close to London eye and Big Ben this year!

Sunny Lunch

I have been lucky enough to work many years close to the river. Best spot to go for a sunny lunch with a view. But be creative and find yourself a good spot for a sunny Lunch. Parks, public terraces, riverside, rooftop, there is always one of them somewhere close in London!


Speaking of rooftops, London has a great selection of them. Most of the best ones are in East London, such as the Queen of Hoxton but you also have to go to Frank’s Café in Peckham or at the ME Hotel in Aldwych. The southbank has lots of great rooftops as well.

London terraces

You wouldn’t expect this city to have so many spacious and gorgeous terraces and outdoor areas but it does! I also love go for drinks in pretty beers gardens or secret pub gardens during summer so nice. One of my favourite secret terrace is the Metro Garden one in Clapham. So pretty you have no idea!

Summer sunsets

Believe it or not, London is also an incredible city to watch the sunset. There are many spots but my favourite one is on top of Primrose Hill with a view on the whole city. Great experience.

Happy summer in London!

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