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Winter sunset on London from Primrose Hill

This winter was supposed to be the worst ever… Well I can’t really see how it could have been worst than last year, and if it had been, after the horrible spring we had to deal with last year, I would have officially moved to Australia. Actually we can say we’re having a really nice and warm winter… warm temperatures, bright colors in the sky… what more could we ask for? Enjoy a nice winter sunset on London maybe? Well if you ask…

With such a beautiful clear sky, one of the nicest thing to do is to go up on a hill and admire the sunset on the city. And as the sun goes down at 4pm ish, it makes it very easy to get there on time during a sunday afternoon to end the weekend perfectly and enjoy every second of this little moment.

One of the best spots to admire the sunset, is undoubtedly Primrose Hill, one of my favorite places in London. Stunning view on The City, with Canaray Wark at the back, and Greenwich more far away. Incredible to see how everything seem to be so close and so far at the same time. This view has nothing to envy to the rooftops in the city.

When you head to the park, stop in a bar to get a hot chocolate, take it with you and have a few sip while enjoying the view. Best winter moment in London ever.

Don’t forget your gloves, scarf and hats to make it bearable thought.. Winter sunset on London is one of those things that makes us


Winter sunset on London









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