Mes petites joies de la vie londonienne de juillet 2016

The blog meaning “The little joys of London” (but it hopefully it sounds better in French!), every month, I try to remember the simple moments and little things I enjoyed and sum them up in an article to look back keeping only the positive. The whole point of the blog is to enjoy life (London life) and share my favourite parts of expat life and this is a way to put into practice the role of the blog. You are more than welcome to do the same in the comments or at home, it feels so much better when you ready the whole list again.

Happy Birthday to me!

July is kind of my favourite month of the year, partly because it’s summer but mostly because it’s my birthday month. And even though this year wasn’t a special decade or number I celebrated it the right way, starting with an early brunch at Duck and Waffle, one of the things I have always wanted to do on my London Bucket list

Summer in London

July 2016 has been a break month for me. A sort of opportunity I caught which also  was the perfect time to enjoy summer in London and make the most of it during moments of the week I can never do it.


Believe it or not but I don’t think I have ever been that often to the gym doing yoga and actual exercice and cardio. I even started to do selfies at the gym! More seriously, there is probably no better way to stay positive and be happy than exercising.

A real long break at home in south of France

As I was taking a break, I decided it was the perfect time to go home for a long time and enjoy that break. I can’t even remember the last time I went home for longer than 2 weeks so here you go, something else ticked on my list.

July 2016 in pictures


Anissa Elo 1

Boat ldn








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