The Ivinghoe Beacon Walk


Funny how things change when you turn 30… There was a time when, when I needed a big boost, I went for brunch in London or for a pretty walk in the most colorful streets of London to cheer me up and find the London love again.

Now all I need are my trainers, shorts, a backpack, good friend and a day out in the nature weather it’s by the sea or in the countryside.

A day in Brighton, in Mersea Island or by the Seven Sisters Cliffs, all gorgeous places very easily accessible for a day trip from London, are enough for a great detox effect.

Sometimes, you don’t need to think too big and go for a crazy hike in Trolltunga in Norway when you have those little gems (almost) at your doorstep.

I needed to take some fresh air and escape the city so we googled something and found about the great Ivinghoe beacon walk, just north west of London. It looked great, easy but still a bit challenging, not too short, not too long, and very close to London. Perfect.

So here we were, in Tring from Euston Station for £15 return, ready to walk and feel the good vibes of the nature.

We weren’t very prepared, but as we started the walk, there were a few indication. And a few very prepared people who knew where to go. So we followed them, and it didn’t take long before we voluntarily lost them and enjoy being just us and the quietness of the nature.

What a wonderful feeling.

The landscape was very easy to describe: It’s exactly the image we have of the English countryside. Very green, spacious, rejuvenating and beautiful. The perfect London detox.

Hard to think we were still pretty close to the big city, and the best was yet to come.

As we walked, the landscape started to change and become more and more beautiful and the views more and more stunning.

It was lunchtime so we crossed paths we people picking their favourite spot, but we chose to wait for the beautiful one we came for, which wasn’t too far by then.

So we carried on walking, breathing, enjoying, and taking a few pauses.

Here we are, at the top of Ivinghoe Beacon. One of the “Site of Outstanding Natural Beauty”, as designated by the National Trust due to the strong history and the rich nature in the area.

The whole area is apparently famous for having very rare flowers and butterflies species.

Later during the walk, we will indeed cross path with a naturalist looking for butterflies. He seemed so expert and passionate by the area, that made us very happy to be there. What a beautiful job.

The view from the top of the hill is absolutely stunning. The walk was described as best for “Breathtaking views” and it was indeed, but I must admit I also enjoyed very much the unexpected and more discreet little view points.

Nonetheless, it was a perfect spot for a picnic.

The rest of the walk was very similar: Beautiful, green, peaceful and full of surprises. We did get a bit lost so I am not sure I would recommend our itinerary but if you want to do the walk, the best is to take a look at the National Trust website.

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