Afternoon tea at the Bluebird

One of my favourite English tradition (with the sunday roast), is the afternoon tea. This moment is like a break in your day. You literally spend 1 ou 2 hours in a sweet bubble eating British pastries and sandwiches, and drinking a nice cup of tea in a charming place. And as an expat still amazed by anything English, and quite fascinated by this importance of traditions, I have to say it makes it enjoy it even more. And what could be a better place for an afternoon that one of the most beautiful area in London? Typical London street with Victorian Houses, super clean, lots of cute shops, including some where the price of a dress is equivalent to the price of my monthly rent, yes, we are in Chelsea! Some people hate it and think it’s too posh or superficial.. Well I kind of like it. Not for everyday, but once in a while, it’s nice to dream a bit, and who doesn’t like a little treat in a luxurious environment? Wait and see what I have to tell you about this afternoon tea at the Bluebird.

During summer, the place is really nice with a very spacious terrasse and giant barbecue, and they managed to make it as good during winter by adding an ice-rink much less busy than all the famous ones around London. For the ones who are more into warm atmosphere, you need to go inside the restaurant and will feel immediately at your ease. A mix between posh and cosy, the place is simply very warm and comfortable. Big sofas, bright Christmas decorations, soft lights, Chelsea boy and girl or not, this place will suit everyone who likes a nice winter moment.

The afternoon tea is very affordable for any budget : £18,50 without champagne or £25.50 with it. You see if it’s worth adding.. But I have my opinion. Starting the afternoon tea with a nice glass of bubbles was just perfect, especially when you drink it accompanied by the nice cakes and pastries and all the yummy snacks that were brought to us on those very elegant afternoon tea set :

Afternoon tea at the Bluebird


the fleur



Having a nice afternoon tea at the Bluebird was definitely one of my “little joy” on this winter!

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