Life is a beach. The best English beaches

Believe it or not, England has plenty of beautiful beaches to offer. Beeing a big island definitely help. It’s not because it’s less hot than in the south of Europe that you can’t enjoy a day at the beach, and the good news is, there are many many of them easily accessible from London.

From vibrant Brighton to gorgeous Bournemouth or Whitstable, here is my list of the best English Beaches.

If you’re not sure where they are, I gathered them all in a map at the bottom of the page.

The best English beaches


Brighton is the most famous one of all. Super easy to get there from London, it’s a great destination for a day out by the sea. The atmosphere is vibrant, and the destination a must see.


Bournemouth is the proper beach / holidays destination in England. Gorgeous and very long sandy beach with plenty of places to go for lunch or dinner around. 2h by train from London, you might want to stay there the whole weekend.

Camber Sands

A more natural version of Bournemouth, Camber Sands is a super spacious and gorgeous sandy beach of East Sussex. There is not much to do around but it’s the perfect beach to get away from the city and take a proper break. Accessible only by car.


I wasn’t sure if it was right to put Hastings in the list of the “best English Beaches”. Hastings is not pretty but very charismatic. With the old pier and stone beach, it’s fairly similar to Brighton but less charismatic and obviously less crowded. It’s a good alternative if you’ve been to Brighton enough and want to easily go to the beach from London.


Same as Hastings, I wasn’t really sure wether to put Margate in that exclusive list but Margate is sort of like the new shoreditch of beaches. Upcoming area, some parts are very industrial but the city is definitely changing. Also, when you get out of the station you’ll quickly end up on a really big sandy beach and I guess that’s a good enough reason to end up in this list.

Botany Bay

Really close to Margate is Botany Bay. Real hidden gem and definitely one of the most beautiful English Beaches I’ve been to. Sandy beach, transparent water and the gorgeous cliffs around. Incredible landscape. Highly recommended but much much easier to get there by car.


My other favourite one. Located in Kent, Whitstable is easily accessible by train. Best place to eat oysters or seafood by the sea, a glass of wine by the seafront and end up the day with a gorgeous sunset. What else?

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