My list of things to do to be positive


This summer, started on a rather challenging note. A last minute change in my professional life let’s say, which forced me to use my “positive attitude” more than ever.

To make it short, my dream job transformed into a terrible job. Nothing dramatic really, just not the right one. Same as when you had a big crush on a boy but it’s just not working really. So once I was over it, all the life questioning that you would expect at 30 years old came up.

It doesn’t sound like a horrible problem, coz it’s not. It’s “just work” after all. But it kind of is one when you mainly moved to London for a career boost. Even though my London life became much much more than just a city for work, it’s a bit like my balance was unbalanced and I wasn’t sure why I was here for anymore.

Luckily, I am not the kind of person who stays unhappy or down for very long. I believe very strongly that any bad or negative situation can be turned into a positive one. I like the “it happened for a reason” quote. It might be to makes us feel more comfortable, it works on me.

I decided it couldn’t be random and I would make everything I could to turn it into an incredible opportunity. And as I suspected, this is exactly what happened.

I was about to spend a very stressful and unhappy summer.

I spend my summer enjoying London life, spend the best week in London with my friend visiting from Sydney who I hadn’t seen for 4 years, went for a great trip to Copenhagen, cut my hair, did so many things I had never time to do for the blog (including writing it in English as well as French),  gave a try to be a full time blogger which I had wanted to try for so long, worked from many coffees in London like real bloggers do, which I had envied for so long, went back to the gym for good which got me addicted now, started my days with Yoga, organised my 31st birthday for a lovely party with all my closest friends in London, spent 3 gorgeous week at home in the South of France, which I can’t even remember when is the last time I got to spend that long at home and finally, I got the job I really wanted. And I love it.

Obviously, it all looks simple and easy when you look backwards. The good thing about having to go through tough moments when you’re 30 is that you are actually able not to stress to much about it coz you learnt how.

When I decided it would all be ok and surely happened for a reason, I decided to be positive and started to do “positive things”. It might sound a bit dull, but sometimes the solution is as simple as beeing able to appreciate little things more. And some other times you just need to be remembered that. :)

My list of things to do to be positive

  • Go to the gym, there is no better cure to be happy again
  • Cut your hair
  • Start reading a good book
  • Empty your wardrobe and cupboards
  • Clean your house
  • Walk in the nature. By the water or just in a quiet and green space
  • Change your beddings for soft luxury ones (TK MAXX is your best friend)
  • Wear colourful clothes and floral prints

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  • Put some colourful make up on (Well, to a certain amount)
  • Go and do your nails in a proper nail salon
  • See your friends  and family as often as possible, so important to be surrounded by people you love and who love you back
  • Meet people, as often as you can
  • Treat yourself for a fancy dinner and enjoy the taste of good food
  • Go for drinks in a place with the “Wow effect” like the Sky Garden in London for instance
  • Watch a sunset (very beautiful from Greenwich where the picture below was taken)
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  • Just enjoy every little things
  • Travel as often as you can. Super easy to go to Amsterdam, Paris or 3 days in Stockholm from London, and nothing better than travelling to feel alive
  • See the light as often as possible. Can be a real problem during winter in England so the solution is to wake up earlier
  • Do some yoga
  • Try to do a social media detox
  • Buy flowers
  • Read personal development books, nothing better to learn about yourself and feel like you can change things

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  • Go for a colourful walk – Notting Hill or Chelsea if you’re in London
  • Listen to music
  • Watch a good movie
  • Light a candle
  • Buy decorations for your flat
  • Make a lists of little things that make you happy everyday

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Pick 4 or 5 ideas and start doing them asap. It’s a very feminine list but can work for everyone and boys are more than welcome to add any extra ideas in the comments.

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