10 good reasons to live in England


Everytime I come back from a weekend in the English countryside, I realise how much I love my life here, and how much I love this country and its culture. Apart from the fact that I love London life and expat life, I also love England as a country and listed below the top 10 good reasons to live in England.


10 good reasons to live in England

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Make the most of it

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As mentioned above, if there is anything I really like about life in England, it is that « make the most of it » spirit and leitmotiv. It is very true when the sun is shinning. Everybody rush to the parks, pools, the air has that barbecue smell and summer clothes are out. Ironically, even though I come from south of France, I feel like I have never enjoyed the summer as much as I did last year, during my first summer in England.


A country full of History

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Beeing French and especially since I’ve lived in Paris, our beautiful capital full of secrets and history, I have always found it a bit frustrating to travel in countries with no history. I like being in a place where so many things have happened and there are so many things to learn! England has a very rich history and it is really exciting to learn more and more about it.


The Royals

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Speaking of history, I think I am starting to really like the Royals. Their symbol is so strong and they are so important in people’s life that it makes it even more fascinating and I like more and more keeping an eye on Wills, Kate and their little George. It makes me feel like I belong (at least a bit) to the country.


English Traditions

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Traditions are also very important in the UK and I take so much pleasure to « play the game » and act like an English girl. It is very true especially during Christmas time when the whole country takes a new shinny face with all the christmas lights. On a more regular basis, it is a real pleasure to respect the traditional afternoon teas or sunday roast. Very typical and simply « lovely », as English people would say.


A beautiful country

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Visit the UK is also one of the best reasons to live in England. It is so nice to discover all those new places. From north to south, the landscape is very different but there is always this charming English thing. Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, or my favourite city of all (so far), Bath, they are all real jewels with a gorgeous architecture and their own identity. The country is beautiful and the countryside very pretty with all those bright colours during summer.





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Can’t believe I’m listing pubs in my favorites things about England but yes, I love them! I have to admit, when I moved here I wasn’t so keen about going to a smelly pub for a pint of beer. Luckily, I quickly learnt that pubs were so much more than that. It’s a cosy place where people gather and party, but also go for drinks, dinners or simply to spend some time with people who matter. How lovely is that. Even better when the fireplace is on during winter, so cosy and warm.



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If there is something we should try to bring back to France, it is England’s optimism. Not easy to explain why, but people might have less holidays, grey weather, no social security or retirement plans (well on a different way), they don’t really seem to be unhappy about that. Everything seems possible here and there is a chance for anyone.


Fashion and the sense of style

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Big part of my life here, I have never been so involved in fashion than since living in the UK. Expect the fact that I work in the industry, the sense of style is simply a cultural factor here. We tend to say that French have their own sense of elegance, and I can only agree with it, but in London, and I think England as a whole, having a good sense of style is key. We’re not speaking about elegance, minimalism or a rule to follow. You are who you are and you can dress the way you want. Sometimes, the more creative and extravagant the better. People are not scared to try things and wear colours and prints. That’s surely a form of freedom and how could we possibly not love it?



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Ahhh Brits… Even when they annoy me a bit I love them again. Their cute and elegant accent, polite and gentleman attitude, ability to keep calm but at the same time their capacity to party hard, tendency to become crazy sometimes and make the most of things. Also, how irresistible are they when they try to speak French? Cutest accent ever. I love Brits.


Speak English

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One of the obvious reasons to live and love living in England is to improve our level of English. It may be a bit hard and super challenging for some at the beginning, but once you’re started to achieve a good level, then how great is it to feel more and more comfortable, start using expressions, improving your accents and switching from an accent to another very easily? Definitely one of the best reasons live in the UK.



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This is a bonus reason, and the whole blog is dedicated to our favourite city, but I had to add it in the UK list. London is such an incredible city.. open minded, international, full of hidden gems and diversity, beautiful and cool at the same time, life is not always easy, let’s be honest, but it’s so much worth the pain.

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