10 good reasons to come for holidays in London

When we think about holidays, we think about transparent water, beach, blue sky, cocktails, exotism… Quite the opposite to London right? People come to London for a long week-end, for a break, for a change, for fun but never really for a proper real relaxing and exotic holiday.

Well, I’m gonna prove you London isn’t necessarily too far from the ideal place we all have in mind for a break. (Well, unless you already live here and take the northern line to the City every morning. Surely, this is not relaxing.)

10 Good reasons to come for holidays in London

1h away from the beach

Margate Botany Bay 29

Yes. That’s a good start of the list right? To FEEL properly in a summer place, you only have to GO there. Any train from Kingscross, London Bridge or Clapham Junction will take you to a beach in less than 1 jour. The most famous place beeing Brighton, but England has lots of hidden gem to discover. The beach on the picture was taken last summer in Kent in Botany Bay. Proper exotism right?

London beaches


London also has its own beaches. Well, to be honest I wouldn’t take the risk to dive into the river Thames, but it does feel lovely to see those pretty beaches along the beautiful southbank walk. Pretty summery!

The countryside just around the corner


You’re more of a countryside, greeness and quiet places person? No problem at all. London can also offer that. Just take a train and you are in the middle of the beautiful English countryside in about 30 mn depending on places and where in London you come from. The most famous and easiest to go to places would be Oxford and Cambridge with gorgeous walks along the rivers but there are plenty of other places around London.

So different and so close


If you come from Europe, London is probably one of those places so close but yet so different. So easy to get to and so easy to get lost. That’s what you expect from a good holiday right? Feeling somewhere else with unlimited options to discover, learn and feel like you are away.



The good thing in London is that everybody can like it. No matter if you are more a party person looking for pubs and clubs open until early in the morning or a chilled one into pretty afternoon teas and walks in Notting Hill, a Football fan, into gigs, street art, food, museums, fashion… It doesn’t matter. Everybody is welcome to London and everybody will find something he likes in London. And that’s also why we love it so much.



Easy one, but this is also one of the particularities of London. Very fews capitals have so many and spacious green spaces. If you have enough of the buzz of the city center, treat yourself by a relaxing walk in one of the many and beautiful parks. Take a look at the Japanese garden in Holand Park, admire the view on top of Primrose Hill, say hello to the deers at Richmond, have a barbecue in Hackney. London parks are the other reasons why we love the city so much.

Rooftops and view bars


Who would say no to a cocktail with a view between two exhauxting walks or visits? London has MANY amazing rooftops and view bars to offer. In the summer, go on top of the Queen of Hoxton or even better, Frank’s Cafe in Peckham, in the winter, stay indoors and even higher at the Sky Garden, Sushi Samba or at the Vertigo 42, where the picture was taken. You won’t regret it.

Take the boat


Yes, you read it. What’s more like a holiday feeling to take the boat as a public transport? Ok, it doesn’t go to many places, but it will take you to Greenwich (an other beautiful park not to miss) and if you take the Ferry at the end of the day by a clear sky, you will also enjoy one of the best spot to admire sunset in London. Double reason.

Good places to eat and drink


During a holiday, eating well is as important as beeing able to relax. London also has many many incredible places to offer. World food from everywhere, every district as a speciality. All the places to eat and drink in the dedicated tab.

Colourful houses


Where else can you find so many colourful houses? Even when I think I’ve seen them all, I discover a new line of bright houses and incredible streets. Sometimes it could be only one house who decided to be different, sometimes it will be only the doors, and most frequently the whole street. You’re most likely to find them in West London but don’t worry, they are dispatched everyhwere.

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See you later! x

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