A day in Saint Antonin Noble Val

For the past few years, every time I go home, I have a need for reconnecting with my roots. It’s started to happen a few years ago, about 2 years after moving to London. Not sure if it’s being in my thirties and hence wiser, or living abroad and meeting people from everywhere, which gave me an other eye and made me more aware of how lucky I was to be from where I am, but I have never loved home that much.

My parents are now used to my sudden envies to go for day trips in the area where they live. It started with Cordes sur Ciel, one of the most beautiful village in France. I took my (ex) British boy there and was quite proud to show him how pretty my home was. I then insisted to go to visit Rocamadour, SO gorgeous, Sarlat, Saint Cirq Lapopie in the lot area, and more recently, I asked to spend a day in Saint Antonin Noble Val, where the traditional Sunday market takes place.

You know what they say, distance make you closer… Well this couldn’t be more true for me!

So here we are, in Saint Antonin, on a sunny September Sunday.



Pretty exceptional way to start the day and our stroll in the village.

It’s been years and years since I last walked in those streets. The last time was probably for a School trip.

I was half ashamed it tool me so long to appreciate what I’ve always had nearby, half so proud to fully enjoy it at this right time. It’s never too late after all.

Right now, I write this article back home with birds and crickets singing. Proper south of France vibe. During this season, I always feel so grateful I can jump on a place and escape to such a pretty little paradise. Definitely making my London life softer.





For the historical touch, Saint Antonin Noble Val is one of the most ancien medieval city of France and where is the most ancient city hall of France. The city hit its peak time around 1000 ac and was famous for its artisanal trade.

Every corner of every street seem to have a story to tell.












The market is quite famous in the area. You can find all the goodness you need, including excellent local and seasonal products and of course wine.

I stop at the wine stand to realize that the owner was a British lady who moved to Cahors, not far, 20 years ago! She comes from Bath and as much as she loves her country, she wouldn’t move back.

Funny, it feels a bit like we exchanged our lives.



South France also has pretty instagrammable doors.

We walk around the city and end up near the old tanneries, which were very famous back in middle age. They are obviously abandoned now but it made me wonder how life would have been back then…





On the way back, I feel so happy I took the time to come again and rediscover this village, and I feel even more proud I come from such a beautiful area with so much history and incredible landscape.

As we drive home to get ready for lunch with all the goodness we bought, we can’t help to stop and take a look at that view on the Aveyron Valley. Crazy beautiful.




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