Those things I keep doing, even 5 years after moving to London

Recently, I realised that even after 5 years of London life, I still do silly “first timers stuff”. Even though I keep pretending « I’m a real Londoner » now… Well, clearly there is still some work.

Even worse, since I started noting the first one in the list below,  things keep adding up to the pile…

  1. I often (almost all the time) check if I have to « LOOK RIGHT » or « LOOK LEFT » at crossroads. Proper foreign pedestrian…
  2. I google every meal or ingredient I’m not sure of in restaurants. Often ends up being an Italian cheese actually. lol
  3. I take the front seat at the floor  of a bus if it’s free. Why wouldn’t you?!
  4. I still complain about orange tomatoes in the middle of January of other « too perfect to be true » vegetables in supermarkets
  5. I feel like a teenager when I end up in the city, always fascinated by the city vibe and the skyscrapers. (Take the country girl to the big city…)
  6. I can’t help taking pictures of pretty doors and colorful streets in Notting Hill. Or everywhere else colorful and pretty .
  7. I jump when an ambulance drives past with the alarm on. How are we supposed to get used to that?!
  8. Clearly, I am still not good enough at spelling my name correctly. I’m Elodie. E.L.O.D – no D not G – I.E. Always end up being: Melody without the M.
  9. I always feel the London magic when looking at the views from the hills or the top of one of the rooftop bars or bars with a view. So beautiful.
  10. I still get lost in Bank Station and Covent Garden. At least one of the 2 is charming.
  11. I still want to kiss people (on the cheek of course..) when meeting them and really not sure about the shaking hands or hug thing. Not sure which ones makes me the most uncomfortable.
  12. I still complain about the perks of London life. You know, the rent, the cost of transports, the weather, those kind of things. But I still wouldn’t leave the city.
  13. I feel pretty chuffed and happy when I think of my little london life.
  14. And I still feel like moving here 5 years ago was the best thing I have done!
  1. haha c’est tout à fait ça ! moi ça fait qu’1 an mais le coup de sursauter à cause des ambulances c’est terrible ! pendant qques semaines je vais bien gérer mais après il y a des rechutes ! et encore aujourd’hui j’avais le mal du pays, mais en promenant après le boulot je me suis posée avec vue sur Big Ben, la Tamise, le soleil… j’avais un grand sourire ! Et j’ai le même problème pour mon prénom je passe mon temps à l’épeler !

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