The Little Joys

The little joys of Spring in London

Spring is one of the most beautiful season in London. Longer days, blossoming trees and the need to enjoy the good weather by chilling in the parks, having drinks in spacious terraces or going for a day by the sea. The city is waking up again from a long sleep and the londoners are full of energy to make the most of it.

The little joys of Spring in London

Blossoming London

Pastel colors, blossoms everywhere, ok it’s a bit cheesy but so goregous. How not to like it? Every corner hides a gorgeous tree full of pop-corn looking branch. It all starts in March and gets better in April. Enjoy!

The first signs of nature

Same idea of nature starting to show its first signs. Trees are filling their empty branches with some bright green little leaves and the whole of London is changing.


Ok, an other nature one but I never realised how much I loved mangolias until I moved to London! How gorgeous and elegant are those flowers? they don’t last very long so you better capture them while they are in full bloom. So pretty.

Longer days

The good thing of super short winter days is that you start enjoying every single extra minutes when spring comes. I never used to like when we loose an hour of our time to switch to summer time until I moved to London. the days are super long in the summer and after those tough and super short winter days it’s very much deserved right?

The first terraces

An other pretty amazing one. London is full of gorgeous and spacious terraces and nothing it better than the first ones when you can finally chill out in a pub terrace and feel the hot rays of light on your face. Exactly what I call a “little joy”.

First Pimm’s

What about the first Pimm’s? The summer drink by excellence, the first sip of Pimm’s is like ringing a bell to announce that summer has started. So good.

Summer vibes

The summer vibe as a whole is a real pleasure in London. British people and londoners know how to enjoy the sunny days and make the most of everything as a whole (one of my good reasons to live in England).

The first day by the sea

One of the great thing about London life is the possibility to be so close to the beach. Ok it’s not the warm mediterranean sea but still, South of England has lots of pretty hidden gems to offer in less than 1 hour from London.

Make the most of the London parks

With a great number of green spaces in London, one of the other obvious “Little joys” is also the possibility to go for a stroll, a nap, picnic or other simple but great summer moments in the parks. From north to south, there is always a great green space near you.

What about you? What are your little joys of Spring in London?

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  • Pauline
    27 May, 2015 at 16 h 17 min


    J’adorais déjà ton blog mais là je le trouve juste sublime. Tes articles sont toujours aussi bons, et ton nouveau design est vraiment sympa.

    Je t’avais déjà posé cette question il me semble, mais j’aurais aimé savoir comment installer WordPress sur PC parce qu’apparemment c’est simple, mais moi je n’ai jamais réussi à le faire…

    Gros bisous, et restes comme tu es ♥

    • Elodie
      27 May, 2015 at 20 h 48 min

      Hello Pauline. Merci c’est super gentil! Je suis avide de retours alors le tiens me fait très plaisir! WordPress c’est facile quand on s’y connait un minimum :) Leur site devrait etre plutot bien expliqué : Sinon je te conseille d’aller fouiller sur des tutos en ligne il y en a pas mal et bien expliqués. A bientôt!


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