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The “joys” of the heatwave in London

Every summer in London, as soon as temperatures start to reach 25 degrees, there is a new word we almost forgot about : “heatwave”. Londoners all start to get ready to go through this very unusual time of the year. You know that moment when you feel proper HEAT on your skin.

If you’re British and read this article, bear in mind I am a French blogger with French humour, ie a bit pushy, but never mean. Well, sometimes yes. But it’s just for fun. And you can only admit you will agree. A bit. ;)

The “joys” of the London heatwave

Everybody starts speaking about it a week before.

Have you seen the weather ?? It’s meant to be 25 DEGREES next thursday ! OMG and even THIRTY on Friday !

Everybody speaks about it during the heatwave

Soo hot outside. OMG so hot. It’s litterally BOI-LING. There is no oxygen ! I can’t breeze I’m gonna pass out. (Heard for real last summer)

it's hot outside

Everybody speaks about it after the heatwave

“OMG last july was SO HOT”

“Well we’re in August and it’s really starting to feel like winter”

“Yeah but July WAS SO HOT”

“You mean 3 days in July?”

Everything stops

Half the city will take a day off while the other half will finish work earlier because come on, who can work in those conditions?!



The AC is on full mode

The AC has been on since we reached those 20 degrees during one day last spring. Well tbh, it never really stopped working because we also had a fairly warm winter, so now that it’s reaching 10 degrees more… Just be careful when you leave the office, your body might not handle it.

Correct outfit NOT required

During the heatwave, everybody wears SHORT and LIGHT clothes. A real visual pleasure. Well, don’t put your jumper, tights and light scarves too far though, you might need them very soon…

Tanning sesh in the parks

No need to think of a decent place to get a tan. It’s not gonna happen 10 times during the summer. It’s now or never!

Natural spots taken over

Thankfully, London is full of huge green parks all over the city so we have plenty of spaces to get naked. Lakes, pools, even the fountains count. As long as there is some water nearby..

Sugar Rush

What’s nicer than jars of Pimm’s with ice creams? Nothing better to keep that bikini body in shape!

“Heatwave” signals everywhere in the city

TV, newspapers, social, impossible to miss it.

It kind of feels like a secret epidemic has invaded the city and I also wonder if TFL thought we were stupid or not : “if you feel unwell, get off at the next station”….


Sauna tube

How lovely is it to travel in those hot tubes, squeezed with other people sweating during the whole journey. Lovely human experience.

How does it all sound?

The real joys of summer in London

More seriously, London is a really cool place to spend summer!

There are lots of great outdoor areas, terraces, rooftop bars with great views over London, lidos.

For sunny escapes, you can go for a day in brighton or take a look at my list of day trips from London.


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  • Caroline - Note Cuivrée
    29 June, 2015 at 17 h 06 min

    Chouette article !! :)

  • lucie
    29 June, 2015 at 19 h 29 min

    heureusement qu’on a la clim! ;)

    • Elodie
      1 July, 2015 at 8 h 20 min

      hehe et oui finalement ;)

  • Clem.C
    30 June, 2015 at 6 h 18 min


    Ici, on frôle les 40° et on doit les dépasser 3 fois cette semaine (oui oui, en France! Près de Bordeaux). Et un groupe du bureau ne veulent pas la clim!!! ><
    Je meurs.
    Sinon, j'adore te lire, l'Angleterre me manque tellement!

  • Maéva
    3 July, 2015 at 13 h 43 min

    Pauvre anglais, comment feraient-ils s’ils vivaient dans le Sud de la France (chez moi) où ça fait 3 jours qu’il fait 40 degrés !!!
    Super article :)

    • Elodie
      19 July, 2015 at 9 h 33 min

      hehe ils “souffriraient de la chaleur” comme ils disent. Mais bon ils seraient les premier à bronzer sans protection à 13h en plein soleil ;)

  • xav
    13 May, 2016 at 1 h 15 min

    reminds me my executive assistant in london, she was sweating with 22°c outside, when i kept my scarf in the building! it is true she had to commute with the central line to come to work, while i was lucky enough to cycle or walk from home to my office.


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