10 things to do in London

Everytime I travel I like checking what are the top things to do in a City. Just to make sure I covered the basics, so I thought it was time to write my top 10 things to do in London.

10 things to do in London

Big Ben and London Eye

Let’s start with the basics. Even after 4 years in London I will never get bored of this part of London. The good news is they are located next to each other which makes it easy to organise your holidays in London. Stop at Westminster Station (closer to Big Ben) or Waterloo (Closer to London Eye) and don’t miss the view on the London Eye from Westminster Bridge or the whole view on everything from the Waterloo Bridge. (see picture)

My little advice : Go up the London Eye at the end of the afternoon to have the best view during sunset.

10-trucs-à-faire-à-Londres-BigBen LondonEye

Tower Bridge and the walk by the Southbank

The other unmissable. Starting from London Eye, walk along the river Thames to reach Tower Bridge. You will have the best view of the river, can stop at one of the pop ups at the southbank, walk past the Tate Modern, Millenium Bridge, enjoy the best view on St Paul’s and finally reach Tower Bridge. One of the best stroll in London.

My little advice : Don’t forget to book your tickets to the Tower Bridge Exhibition for £8.99. You will learn everything about the Bridhe and have the best panoramic view on St Paul’s

10-trucs-à-faire-à-Londres-Tower Bridge

Shoreditch and East London

Brick Lane, Shoreditch, Old Street,you probably have heard a lot about those trendy places. Go for a walk around East London and enjoy the real London vibe. Cool, creative with a touch of hipster. Don’t miss a random graffiti hunt, a real outdoor museum!

My little advice : Stop at Old Street and walk to Brick Lane by Shoreditch to have a look at the whole area


Oxford Street

The shopaholics will love oxford street. However, if you are not into shopping this probably could be your worst nightmare. Oxford Street is the biggest commercial street of Europe. No need to say it can be busy. Even if you don’t like shopping it’s still worth seeing. There is a vibrant atmosphere and activities depending on time of the year. Don’t forget to take a look at iconic Selfridges and Liberty.

My little advice : Take a break on top of Selfridges at their seasonal rooftop always decorated with great ideas.


Buckingham Palace and St James Park

Nobody is too cool for Buckingham Palace. Even if you’re not into the Royals, you have to take a look at the famous Palace. When the flag is up, it means she’s around. And if you’re not into castle and palaces, great news, there is the lovely St James Park a few steps away. Go for a lovely walk in the park, even more pretty during autumn or spring and a great view over London from the bridge at the center of the park

My little advice : Before of after, go to Trafalgar Square, only 5 minutes away. Sit down on the stairs and enjoy the view on Big Ben. So pretty.


Notting Hill

Those of you who have been following the blog for a bit know how much I love Notting Hill. It’s an unmissable for a weekend in London and had to be in my top 10 things to do in London! Start with a walk by Portobello and go for brunch at classy Westbourne Grove or at Egg Break, right behind the tube station.

My little advice : When you get out from the tube station, go to Farmer Street. Very few people seem to know it but it’s the most colourful and pretty part of Notting Hill.


Hyde Park

Hyde Park is our Central Park. Huge park in the heart of London, it’s the best place to take a break from the city center but still beeing in the city center. Go for a stroll, a drink by the lake or have a picnic.

My little advice : Go for a drink at the serpentine cafe just before the sunset. One of the best spot in London to admire the sunset, especially during winter (at least there is a good reason for early sunset in winter..!)




Camden is not really what it used to be 10 years ago but people seem to still love it so much. The market is really cool, you can go for a quick lunch in one of the stalls or stroll in the small shops and try to make bargains.

My little advice : Don’t hesitate to start the walk along the canal to reach Little Venice. Lovely walk.


Primrose Hill

I don’t understand why the guides never highlight the beauty of Primrose Hill even more. It’s my absolute favourite place in London, especially the view from the top of the hill. The streets are colourful, elegant and beautiful as you can see in Chalcot Square, the most beautiful square in London.

My little advice : Don’t hesitate to get there starting from Camden, walking along the canal, it will make your visit even better!

10-trucs-à-faire-à-Londres-Primrose Hill

A view bar

So many skyscrapers have been built in The City those past 5 years! Sushi Samba, Duck and Waffle, Sky Garden, Aqua, the view from the Shard, it’s almost becoming too easy to see London from the sky, but it’s impossible to get bored of it. Pick the one you like the most and just go.

My little advice : I would recommend either the Sky Garden simply because of the impressive tropical garden up there or the view from the Shard. A bit pricy but hey, 70 floors. Best view over London.


10-trucs-à-faire-à-Londres-Bar à vue

Voilà! My 10 things to do in London wether you’re coming for a weekend or for longer holidays. Enjoy! :)



Elodie, happy "French londonienne" for almost 4 years. I share my London discoveries, expat life thoughts and reflexions on beeing a 30 year old. “Les petites joies de la vie londonienne” means “The little joys of London” so let’s make sure we make the most of this incredible city.

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    Quelles sont les meilleures adresses pour de grands ados. Vous aviez un article posté concernant Londres avec des ados mais pas moyen de le retrouver.
    Merci d’avance de votre retour. Mireille


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    Les Tasters

    Primrose est vraiment sympa. Malheureusement, il est déjà dans les guides et de plus en plus fréquenté. Il faut remonter plus au nord en se dirigeant vers Hampstead Heath pour retrouver de la hauteur et quasi la même vue.


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      Pas tout à fait la même vue tout de même…


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    On va venir visiter Londres pendant 5 jours, tu crois qu’on aura le temps de faire tout ça? Des trucs à plébisciter en dehors de ces 10 activités? :D .

    Merci et bravo pour le site ;)


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    Danielle Nadeau


    Je suis à mobilité réduite (fauteuil roulant) j’aimerais savoir si les bus impérial (2 étages rouges ou bleus) peuvent m’accueillir.
    Aussi, la London Pass est-elle un bon investissement pour 2 jours (nous restons 6 jours à Londres)?
    Selon toi, inclut-elle les arrêts multiples avec le Bus à 2 étages?

    Merci et nous trouvons ton site “top”


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      Bonjour Danielle, oui! Il faut se placer a l’entree au milieu du bus et les chauffeurs ouvrent les portes de sorte a accueillir les personnes a mobilite reduites ou mamans avec poussettes dans l’espace du milieu du bus dedie a cet effet! Le London Pass c’est pas mal oui, jamais teste personnellement mais ca peut etre utile. Je crois qu’il y a une option pour prendre une oyster card (Titre de transport combine au London PASS!) – A Verifier!

      Merci et bon sejour a Londres :)


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